Ardhanari Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Ardhanari is the first production venture of playback singer M G Sreekumar.It looks at the life of transgenders.Manoj k jayan does a character who leaves his place due to insults and isolation and joins a group of transgenders taking the name Manjulan.The movie is directed by Santosh Souparnika.

Cast :  Manoj K Jayan,Thilakan,Maniyan Pilla Raju,Asha Sarath

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The movie deals with the lives of transgenders who are often ridiculed and snubbed. Vinayan is a transgender who has to bear all these throughout his life. His hope for love gets shattered as the guy concerned dumps him.Unable to bear with his brother’s physical abuse, he elopes from his hometown. He ends up in a village of Tamil Nadu where a community of similar people live with their own rituals and traditions. It is a great relief for Vinayan aka Manjula. As days go forward we understand, except for the difference in their sexuality and gender, their emotions are all like others.

The intention of the movie is to create an awareness about the lives of the transgenders and the problems faced by them including those from the lack of enough laws for them or the unawareness of any such law. There are some commercial compromises in the movie which has not been executed greatly. There is also spiritual angle shown in the movie inspired from the Ardhanari concept in Hinduism.The movie suffers from the conflict of presenting a good story and sensitising the society about the issues as regards the third gender.

Thilakan is typical in his role and Manoj K Jayan,though good in some scenes keeps to stereotypes in many scenes as well.The though the dubbed voice for Thilakan presents some unfamiliarity.Maniyan Pilla Raju and Sukumari are okay in their roles too. M G Sreekumar’s music is okay too.


  1. Rating 2/10, parayathey vayya ee adutha kaalathu pattya ettavum valya abadhangalil onnanu e cinema kaanan poyathu, manowj k jayyan ennu parayunna actorude mathram banneril kondu thala vachathaanu, kurachu pratheekshakalockey undaayirunnu, entertainer onnumallengilum oru classic movie expect cheythaayirunnu, first half valya thettillathey poyi, kureyockey realistic aayi thonny, but ellarudeyum dialouges parthyekichu villanmaarude dialogues oru mega serial kaanunna feel aanu namucku tharunnathu, kooduthalum kazhambillatha amateur dialogues, scenukal thammil yaathoru synchum illaa, oru serial directorude standard polum director maintain cheythillaa, manowj valya thettillathey act cheythunnu thonunnu, thilakantey actingonnum valya gunamundaayillaa (sughamillathey kidappilaayirunna manushyaney cheap publicitycku vendi pidichondu vannu abhinayippichathaannu vyaktham), manian pilla rajuvum thettillathey act cheythu, but mothathil ellarum over aayirunnu.
    Piney MG Sreekumarintey productionum music directionum, e cinema MG produce cheythathu nannaayi pullickoru pany kittathathintey kuravundaayirunnu (poyathu mickavaarum asianetinte cash aayirickum - satellite rights). Music direction kalakky, etho oru hindu bhakthy Ghana sudha thetrel nadackunnathaayittaa thonnyathu, ingercku ariyunna panicku poyaaaal porey? Music directioneckurichu ayaallkku oru chuckum ariyillaannu veendum veendum theliyichu, only noise pollution, no music.
    Anyway ithoru waist movie aanu, ithintey directorcku ayaal enthaa cheyyan udheshichathu ennu ayallkku thanney ariyillaaa ennu manasilaayi, don’t go for this crap..

  2. Rating 9/10..Very good Movie....its realistic and original life of transgenders....i really enjoyed the film...well done.Congragulations to the whole crew members of this wonderfull cinema...



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