Good Idea Malayalam Movie Details/Review

Good Idea is about Bonse and Vivek. Bonse is a flirtateous middle-aged bachelor having an online business whereas Vivek is an upright government employee, quite old-fashioned as well. Bonse takes up the responsibility of changing Vivek and ends up with more than what he expected.The movie is written and directed by Zakeer and produced by Unni Sivapal who also does one of the lead roles.It is also one of the movies with a dual climax, one at the end of either halves of the movie.

Cast : Idavela Babu,Unni Sivapal,Sreejith Vijay,Shalin,Hennabella 

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Direction : Director fails to establish either the characters or the story convincingly.At times movie feels like a documentary and is very preachy. Who is the lead,Whose story is the movie following all this looks very confused on screen.

Story/Script : The script moves aimlessly,at once giving a feeling of being one character’s story,then looking like a moralistic outing.It seems the writer tried to achieve too many things here,like having social message, being the fun movie and at the same time an engaging thriller and ended up jumbling all together into a confused drama.

Acting : Unni Shivpal,Edavela babu tries hard to be the characters which evoke laughter,but the results doesn’t quite live up to the efforts.Sreejith Vijay is ok.

Music : Songs are actually good if you only hear Don’t see,keep your eyes closed.

Camera/Visual Effects : Not much scope.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Definitely had the scope which is not utilised and where it’s there, it is unimpressive.

Overall : Aimless direction, a confused drama which might end up only irritating the viewer. Expected a flop.

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