Lucky Star Malayalam Movie Details/Review

The movie is about Ranjith and his wife who sees surrogacy as a means to become rich quickly when other get rich quick attempts fail.The movie focusses on the events that follow.It is a comedy movie and is directed by debutant Deepu Anthikad.

Cast : Jayaram,Rachana Narayanankutty

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Direction : Its a commedable debut by Deepu Anthikad.It reminds you of many sathyan  anthikad movies.Have not tried any gimmicks to give a new-gen feeling.

Story/Script : The characters give you a feeling of known types though the story is engaging.The script is fast-paced,fun & endearing in the first half but can’t keep the same tempo in the second half.

Acting : Jayaram and Mukesh is at ease with their respective roles and the other actors are good as well but the find of the year is Rachana,the female lead,especially considering the fact that there is almost no heroine with a good comic timing,presently in Malayalam cinema.She is good in emotional scenes as well.

Music : Music by Rathesh Vega is in sync with the mood of the movie.So is the BGM.

Camera/Visual Effects : It is not a movie which requires much cinematographic excellence or visual effects.Few scenes where cinematographic proficiency is required has been handled well.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Again not a movie which has much scope for choreography,stunts etc as the target is family audience,though there is an item number.

Overall : All in all a good comedy outing for the families to enjoy. Expected a hit.

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