Malayalam Movie Pigman Details/Review

Pigman is based on a story written by N. Prabhakaran in 1994,which won him the Katha Award for Best Story that year.The movie is directed by Avira Rebecca whose previous film  was critically acclaimed "Thakarachenda".

Pigman is about Sreekumar, a doctoral candidate in Linguistics,who has things made difficult by his research guide,fed up of which he abandons his studies and takes up a job at a pig farm witn the help of his friend, Sneha .As he opposes some wrong practices at his workplace, he is relegated to a menial job at the pig sty. Eventually, the travails that he has to undergo shatter his youthful idealism.The movie has been long in making,about 2 years.

Cast : Jayasurya,Remya Nambeesan,Jagathy Sreekumar, Harisree 

Ashokan, Salim Kumar

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