Pathiramanal Malayalam Movie Details/Review

Pathiramanal comes from M.Padmakumar who earlier directed films like Vaasthavam and Shikar.The movie is about a son on a mission to avenge his mother's abuse  after his father gave his life trying the same.On the trail, he meets up the wrongdoer's daughter.How things go on thereafter is the crux of the movie.

Cast : Unni Mukundan,Jayasurya,Remya Nambeesan,Pradeep Rawat (Ghajini fame).

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Direction : Well,Padmakumar disappoints yes,especially considering the fact he's the one who directed movie like Vaasthavam.Movie is predictable and there is nothing engaging the audience.

Story/Script : It is not a story that you haven't heard before,it is a revenge drama.There is nothing which keeps engaged in the story.Script is slow & lagging.

Acting : Unni Mukundan is good in action scenes,thats it.Jayasurya and Remya is good in their respective roles.

Music : Music by Afsal Yusuf is melodious and good.BGM is good too.

Camera/Visual Effects : Good cinematography capturing the scenic beauty of Pathiramanal.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Not a movie with much scope for choreography,but action scenes are good & Unni Mukundan is justified in this role,as far as action is concerned.

Overall : The movie is very predictable and at the same time slow and boring. Expected a flop.

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