Rebecca Uthup Kizhekkamala Details/Review

'Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala' is a sports family drama about an athlete in the village Kizhakkemala.She is a Asian Games medallist and is training for a medal in Olympics,in pursuit of which she has quit her job. Arjun coaches her and then comes Ummen Koshy aka UK.Meanwhile Rebecaa gets engaged to
Kuruvila, a rich planter from Kanjirappally.How these three guys and the relationship with them affects rebecca's life and her ambitions is the crux of the story. V C Ashok writes the script and the movie  is produced by Upadhyaya Movie Crafts and directed by  Sunderdas  .

Cast : Ann,Augustine,Sidharth Bharathan,Jishnu. 

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Direction : You can’t see the competence of Sunderdas who directed movies like Sallapam here.

Story/Script : Story ?.Though told to be an athlete’s story, it would not have made much difference to the movie even if the female lead was an IAS aspirant.Script is boring & lagging.

Acting : Ann hardly looks any athlete in either physique or in attitude,leave alone Asian games medallist.Talent powerhouses like Saikumar and Sukumari have been wasted.

Music : The new version of old classic “Kizhakkemalayile” is Okay.

Camera/Visual Effects : Well,a movie based on an athlete’s life has scope for cinematographic skills which is hardly seen utilised.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Not much choreography or stunts in this movie.

Overall : Movie won’t appeal to either sports movie lovers or family audience or new-gen. Expected a flop.

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