August Club Malayalam Movie Details & Review

August Club is about the life of a woman and the different men in her lives against the backdrop of some brilliant chess moves.The film is based on the novelette Venalinte Kalaneekkangal written by renowned filmmaker P. Padmarajan's son Anantha Padmanabhan and which was published in the Malayala Manorama Vishu Edition.The movie is directed by K. B. Venu. 

Cast : Rima Kallingal,Murali Gopi.

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Direction : Mediocre.Hardly engrossing adaptation of an interesting thread.

Story/Script : Interesting story but the script has many loose ends and lacks conviction as the major characters are not fully developed.

Acting : What could have been another of a milestone role for Rima hardly ends up that way.Murali Gopi is convincing in his role though looks typecast.

Music : 2 Songs are melodious and the other one is foot-tapping  & folkish.BGM is glaring at times and Ok elsewhere.

Camera/Visual Effects : Very Ordinary.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Not a movie which has much choreography,stunts .A bit of choreography on a floor which looks like a Chess Board is good,though it is very short.

Overall : A not so engrossing movie adaptation of a novellete. Expected a flop.

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