Bharya Athra Pora Malayalam Movie Details & Review

'Bharya Athra Pora' is the coming together of team Akku Akbar(Director)-K.Gireesh Kumar(Scenarist)-Jayaram-Gopika after their blockbuster success Veruthe Oru Bharya.

It is a family drama and is about Satyanathen,a teacher and his wife Priya,a bank employee who lead a happy life which turns topsy-turvy once Sathyanathan is assigned an official duty which eventually  makes him feel that he could have gone for a better woman, while getting married,several years ago!.

Cast : Jayaram,Gopika,Aju Varghese .

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The team behind Veruthe Oru Bharya came together once again trying to repeat the magic,if the problem with VOB was a bit out of touch with the times as far as the incidents are considered,it didn't trouble the commercial success much since they women could relate to the struggles and feelings of the protagonists,especially with the character of the wife.Here in this film,the case is exactly opposite.Jayaram's character gets into the social media tangle,gets addicted to alcohol and with all the troubles these things cause his wife,the film hardly relates to most of the women.Though there is a potential in these issues,the script falls flat taking it to the people in an interesting manner.On the acting side ,Jayaram,Gopika sleepwalk through their roles.The new guy in their son's role is ok.The new age and drunkard friends doesn't have much to do.Comedy is for the sake of it which also does not help the film.Whether you would enjoy the comedy from the house maid character would depend on your preferences.

Overall : Tragedy of an attempt at a family drama

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