Mumbai Police Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Mumbai Police is an investigative suspense thriller film written by Bobby-Sanjay and directed by Rosshan Andrrews.It is about three police officers, City Police Commissioner Faran, Mattancherry Assistant Commissioner Aryan John Jacob,and Ernakulam Assistant Commissioner Antony Moses, who together cause nightmares to the mafia and the underworld of Kochi city.These officers have allegedly some connection with Mumbai and hence the media call these no-nonsense,fearless,and efficient officers 'Mumbai Police'. 

Cast : Prithviraj,Rahman,Jayasurya,Aparna Nair,Meera Nandan,Hima Davis. 

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Direction : Direction is nothing short of sensational at parts though the same standard is not shown throughout,but all together well done.

Story/Script : Taut thriller but not racy enough and the dawdling shows more in the second half,which is the only glitch in the movie but thankfully it is not that bad as to  sink the movie.Surprise climax.

Acting : Prithviraj is top notch in performance and bold  in taking on an unconventional role that most of the ‘stars’ would have shied away from.Rahman and Jayasurya does a good job.Kunjan gets his shots/share of limelight too.Female leads good in whatever they’ve to do.

Music : BGM that gradually grows on you while being apt all the while for a thriller .Not the kind that you usually associate with a thriller and reminds a style followed in west where intense moments are laden with melodies. An example is 127 hours.

Camera/Visual Effects : Very good cinematography that matches with the mood of the script/movie at each part.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : No choreography,Stunts are very convincing.

Overall : A not-so-racy but still must-watch thriller with an unexpected climax, the acceptance of which would decide the movie’s commercial success.Expected flop-average+.

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