Neram Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Neram is a bilingual (Malayalam & Tamil) romantic comedy thriller film written, directed and edited by debutant Alphonse Putharen. 

Mathew,an engineering graduate who has lost his job takes a loan from a ruthless private money-lender for his sister's marriage.The movie is about the 

problems that come one by one as the due period for repaying the loan has arrived and mathew is short of money.Jeena,Mathew's childhood friend was engaged to him which gets called off by her father as mathew loses his job.

Cast : Nivin Pauly,Nazriya Nazim,Simhaa,Shammi Thilakan,Lalu Alex 

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Direction : Movie is well-directed.The difference in presentation gives life to the simple story,making it engaging.Further the biggest plus is you don’t feel the predictability,thanks to the pace and direction style.

Story/Script : Story is simple,not many twists and turns and moves forward as one who likes a positive sequence or climax would want to and hence is quite predictable too.A kind of predictability that doesn’t make it boring and which you are okay with in such time pass movies.

Acting : Nivin Pauly, Nazriya and Lalu Alex is convincing in their roles.New-comer villain Simha is superb.Manoj K Jayan is hilarious and Shammi Thilakan rocks.Other actors also who did the roles of mathew’s friend,aliyan,manic etc are good in their respective roles.

Music : There is only one song which is a good melody. The remix version of ‘Pista Suma Kira’ and another song ‘ Neram Pora’ is in form of BGM here which is excellent.

Camera/Visual Effects : Cinematography is very good.Since majority of the movie is happening on a single day, you can feel that on screen.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : There is no choreography.Stunts,primarily in climax are good and convincing.

Overall : A simple time-pass movie to be appreciated for its team-work and which would also prove nivin’s star value.Expected average-hit

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