ABCD-American Born Confused Desi Malayalam Movie Details & Review.

ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) is a comedy drama about two young American-born Malayalees who take a journey to their roots and the stuff that follows.The movie is directed by Martin Prakkat who earlier directed the movie Best Actor.

Cast : Dulquer Salmaan,Aparna,Jacob Gregory (Akkazhakazchakal fame)

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Direction : The movie is well-directed with a new-gen  feel and has a sit-com mood.There is a blooper in climax which can be excused.

Story/Script : Not much of a story here,it is a satirical comedy with quite a few good laughs.Climax is apt for a satire.

Acting : Dulqar does well with able support from Gregory.Sreekumar who does the role of mattancherry freak is hilarious.Female lead aparna looks confident.Other actors have done justice to their roles as well.

Music : One song in promos not in theatres,nothing much to write about the song in movie.BGM is very good,even silence is used very well.

Camera/Visual Effects : Cinematography is excellent.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : No serious choreography.Stunts are mostly push and pull.

Overall : A time-pass satire .Going by the trend won’t be surprised if the movie is a sleeper-hit.

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