Honey Bee Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Honey Bee is the directorial debut of Jean Paul Lal or Lal Jr, son of actor-director Lal.Honey Bee is about ; 
  • Sebastian, 
  • Abu, 
  • Ambrose Perera,
  • Fernandez Disilva, 
  • Angel,  
  • Sara,who are members of a music band based in Fort Kochi.
Angel's brothers aka Punyalanmar are H C Michael, Martin, Father Cochin,Antony.There is a marriage proposal of SI George for Angel,who is in affair with Sebastian.Consequently few things happen & the group is in trouble.Story goes forward from here. 

Cast : Asif Ali, Bhavana and Baburaj.

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Songs Here :

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx7WUckWo7A
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G3gK7ZuUB8
Reviews Here :

Direction : Debutant Director Lal Jr proves that he knows the craft.The movie has a new-gen feel to it and it is the presentation that makes the simple story interesting.

Story/Script : Nothing new in the story,still the script keeps you engaged. Double-meaning dialogues might make families disinterested.Entertaining climax.

Acting : Though Asif Ali and bhavana are the leads and have done a justified job it’s the trio of Baburaj,Sreenath bhasi and guy who did the role of ambrose who walks away with the claps & whistles. The villain gang which includes Lal  and Suresh Krishna is effective as well.

Music : Tunes are nice to hear though allegedly seems ‘inspired’ from western albums and lyrics sound stupid, sorry may be new-age in the end-titles song and is good in the other one.

Camera/Visual Effects : Cinematography is very good.Some shots/scenes would leave you awestruck and you would want to see again.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Nothing which can be called serious choreography. Stunts too like for time-pass movies.

Overall : A movie interesting for its presentation & performances than the ‘already heard’ story.Will appeal to the young generation,though families might keep away,thanks to double-meaning dialogues etc.Expected average-average+

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