Kadal Kadannoru Mathukutty Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Mathukutty, an NRI settled in Germany comes to Kerala for getting Malayalam Movie Stars for a star show organized by the German Malayali Association at Mettmann.The movie is about what follows.The movie is produced by Prithviraj,Shaji Nadesan & Santosh Sivan under the banner of August Cinemas and is written and directed by Ranjith.

Cast : Mammootty,Alisha,Muthumani,Harisree Asokan

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Direction : What worked out in Ranjith’s earlier films does not work here.Ranjith is not able to hold together the simple story and sarcastic angle of the social critic which takes on the hypocrisy and the morality of Malayalee interspersed with ample dose of nostalgia.

Story/Script : Simple story,weak script but few lines which exposes the pretentious nature and the tendency to show off are spot on.Otherwise the movie feels slow and boring except in a few scenes including the guest appearance scenes.

Acting : There is nothing in the movie which challenges the actor Mammooty and he is good in what he has got.Muthumani,Nedumudi Venu,Balachandra Menon,Siddiqu,Harisree Asokan all give able support.Mammooty-Mohanlal combination scene is a scream.

Music : BGM is boring,but the church song is good.

Camera/Visual Effects : Nothing special about cinematography.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : No choreography ,Not much stunts.

Overall : A failed attempt to criticize the hypocrisy of malayalees produced and released in standard commercial cinema format.Expected flop.

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