Best in Malayalam Movies -2013 (MovDet List)

Best Movie - 101 Chodyangal

Debutant Director Siddarth Siva was presented with awards for Best First Film of a Director at the 60th National Award and Silver Crow Pheasant Award for Best Feature Film (Audience Prize) at the 18th International Film Festival of Kerala.The script which follows two parallels,that of the son,a student on an assignment and the father who has recently lost his job makes audience sit up and think about the worldly disparities.In director's own words; " You don't make a film with an award in mind. All I wanted was to make a good film, not a commercial one by adding masala elements to it " and states that his hometown Kaviyoor and its people as inspiration for the film. 

Best Director - Joy Mathew (Shutter)

Again another debutant director but Joy Mathew is no novice in the field. The movie looks at certain situations that the life presents before you and struggle you would face to get out of the mess.In the process it challenges the stereotypes that you create in mind based on people's background and vocation.The movie was awarded Silver Crow Pheasant Award for Best Feature Film (Audience Prize) at the International Film Festival of Kerala (2012).The movie was released in 2013.The movie needed finesse in directorial craft and Joy Mathew provided exactly that.

Best Actor - Prithviraj (Mumbai Police,Memories)

Which other star would have dared such a role other than Prithviraj.May be there is,may be not.Antony Moses A or Antony Moses B, Prithviraj proved he is one of the excellent acting talents in Kerala.Two different cops,one who has lost his memory and one who can't come out of his tragic memories,both roles were safe in his hands. Again may or may not happen,but deservingly another State film award or/and a National Film Award.

Best Actress - Ann Augustine (Artist)
As a lady who has lost her life (not literally) to love,adoration to be precise and then has to decide on life after that,Ann was brilliant justifying those who chose her for the role.

Best Supporting Actor - Hareesh Peradi (Left Right Left)
Kaitheri Sahadevan,a role with the shades of or inspired out of or reminding of a known leader from the left-wing politics was no easy task and Hareesh Peradi with his theatre background took to the role like duck to the water.

Best Supporting Actress - Sajitha Madathil (Shutter)
Sajitha Madathil is no newcomer to acting,though a recent entrant to movies and her exposure to theatre showed up when people considered it text book reference on how to do such roles.

Best Script - Jeethu Joseph (Dhrishyam)
A movie which very much needed the backing of a solid script ,that was dhrishyam and the hit maker came out with a convincing and an excellent script.Half the job was done.Add to it his own directorial brilliance and cast's acting brilliance,primarily that of the lead Mohanlal,the team had a record-breaking movie and all round appreciation.

Best Debut (Male) - Dhyan Srinivasan (Thira)
Dhyan got an entry in his brother's directorial venture and didn't disappoint.He had none other than the legendary actress cum dancer Shobana itself for company.

Best Debut (Female) - Andrea Jeremiah (Annayum Rasoolum)
How well Andrea adapted as a kochi girl in her malayalam debut.Be it the emotions or the body language the role was safe in her hands.

Best Music - Ouseppachan (Nadan)

Nadan talked about drama and it needed songs keeping in with such a mood and some nostalgia for theatre lovers and Ouseppachan easily came out thumps up with his music.

Blogger's opinion based on what he felt was the best in 2013. No claims of virtues to assess a movie or its aspects,but an exercise as an ordinary viewer and could be influenced by individual biases and prejudices .Thank you.

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