Masala Republic Malayalam Movie Details & Review

S I Shambhu is a C I in police who regularly gets suspension and punishment transfer for his commitment to his duty.Shambhu is in-charge of a team to irradiate the use of tobacco and pan masala,which makes life dificult for working people from other states and the political parties try to exploit the situation for their own good.The movie is a satire and directed by Visakh GS.

Cast : Indrajith

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  1. Indrajith performance in Masala Republic is great. He is such a talented actor neglected by malayalis. The hero is comic character well played by Indrajith. The performance of Vinay, Soubin, Vijayakumar , Shine Tom Chacko as lazy youth are very good. The script is very good and conveyed some nice messages about growth of politicians, chineese products, lurr of people to new products etc..



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