Angry Babies Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Jeevan runs a studio at Kanjirappally. He falls in love in with Sara from a very rich family which owns five star hotels.They get married against the wishes of their families and go to Mumbai to live together.But as they start to live togehter,incompatabilities come out.The movie is directed by Saji Surendran.
The script and dialogues is by Krishna Poojappura and story by Anoop Menon.

Cast : Anoop Menon,Bhavana

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Review :

Saji Surendran normally directs family comedies,sometimes his experience as a serial director comes to the fore when you try to see logic in the scenes. In a scene somewhere in the middle of the movie,a local channel comes to interview a successful small business woman and asks her where's your husband,then she goes on to explain her love life and how she and her partner are on verge of a separation,what an interview of a successful business woman.The movie has enough of such logical fallacies.At the same time to be fair to the team,they have taken care to ensure that the interview is on local cable channel and not on bigger channels,since an interview in a bigger channel would reach the girl's family who is in business in another state and also that the female lead's business is that of a small coffee shop.If you are okay with the kind of logical fallacies stated,it could be an okay watch for you.The premise of the movie is that of a couple on the verge of a split,who has to share the same roof.Anoop and Bhavana continue their chemistry from the movie Trivandrum Lodge.However in serious scenes they look sleepwalking or may be sleep sitting to be literally correct, ;) (you would understand,if you see the film).Anusree does a fair job,though her role is inconsequential.Other actors just make up the number and most of the comedy is for the sake of comedy.The climax has been made a mess trying to instill comedy in the scene and overdoing it.

Overall : A couple on war movie.

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