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Chandran,a state government employee has a clingy wife,a central government employee.Since she is at another place,chandran decides to enjoy his bachelor life freedom.Then a girl comes with a petition to Chandran's office with whom he becomes friendly and in due course this relation affects Chandran's married life.The movie is directed by Siddarth Bharathan.

Cast : Dileep,Anusree,Namitha Pramod

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Siddarth Bharathan in his second movie after the remake of his father's renowned film Nidra decides to take on Nadi Jyotsam as the premise for his new film.He has done a fair job,but not quite anywhere near his debut directorial venture.Chandran a government employee happens to visit Tanjavore and explore Nadi Jyothisham.There he is told that he was the hero of a unsuccessful love story in his earlier birth.As soon as he comes back,he feels that the local girl Geethanjali (a doctor by professional education and a dancer by passion) is the court dancer which the astrologer was referring to.What aids his beliefs are the facts that he is an ardent dance lover and independent reviewer of the same.On the directorial and the story side,the movie brings to the fore,the director's beliefs in family and spiritual values.Its actually Anusree who lifts the movie with her acting.As a clingy and nagging wife her performance is top notch.Dileep has it easy as the confused writer cum employee who is influenced by the dancer's charm and tries to convince himself on the basis of the astrological revelations.He also has to  portray his previous birth avatar along and is helped in both his roles by his comic timing and experience.Namitha does a convincing job as a dancer who is least interested in her profession as a doctor and quite falls for Chandran,though not to a level where his absence wont shatter her world.The kid is also very good.On the script side,Namitha's character could have been developed a bit more.The song "Vasanthamalike" is apt for the film and hummable.

Overall : Family Comedy with the backing of faith and beliefs.

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