Madhura Naranga Malayalam Movie Details & Review

The movie is about Jeevan, a cab driver in gulf and his relation with a Srilankan girl,Thamara there.The movie is directed by sugeeth and is the debut Parvathy Ratheesh,daughter yester-year star Ratheesh.The movie is based on a real incident.

Cast : Kunchako Boban,Parvathy Ratheesh,Biju Menon

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Sugeeth once again repeats Kunchako Boban-Biju Menon pair in a movie with a simple story where the place is Middle East and these two are taxi drivers there. A Srilankan girl Thamara,who is the victim of human trafficking runs into Jeevan,a cab driver in gulf while escaping from her exploiters and ends up in Jeevan’s bachelor accommodation which he shares with his two friends. Now Jeevan has to protect her from the mafia as well as take care of the legal and immigration problems. Then she goes missing.

Though the premise is all set for an action thriller, the protagonists are ordinary people and it is a love comedy from the director,since it is based on a real incident. The movie is very predictable but still engaging because of the comedy numbers and the actors’ performance. Sugeeth stretches the believability factor a little long which is a usual affair in his movies.Songs are okay and the visuals could have done more justice to the regional possibilities. 

Kunchako and Biju are comfortable in their roles while Neeraj Madhav adds to the comedy.Debutant Parvathy Ratheesh is beautiful and her highlight is her eyes. She starts very well in the first scene where she is on run from someone but does not maintain the same graph throughout the movie.But it can be excused since this is her first film. On the whole it is an appreciable debut. 

Overall : A time pass love story with some comedy numbers.
Television Premiere : Mazhavil Manorama

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