Thinkal Muthal Velli Vere Malayalam Movie Details & Review

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Jayadevan Chunkathara, a reputed script writer for tele-serials marries a fan,Pushpavalli.But their life doesn't run on expected course for either of them.

Cast : Jayaram,Rimi Tomy

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Have you heard the word torture ?.Have you ever felt tortured when watching a movie,you would so if you watch this one.The narrative actually confuses you on whether you should cry or laugh at such a mishap.The script looks like since they had the dates of Jayaram,Rimi Tomy and few other known actors,they wanted to show someone that they have used their dates.The movie was supposed to be a satire on the tele-serials and serial addictions.It is hardly a satire or an account of serial industry lives or a family or emotional drama.What it is ?, is only known to its director and scriptwriter,may be not even to the actors.The reason for Jayaram's acceptance of this movie could be the fact that his primary audience have been housewives and families, and hence he might have felt that the movie would appeal to them.On the contrary he might have ended up irritating them.I don't know why Anoop Menon accepted this role.Rimi messes it up from the word go and her television show is far far better.Rachana,such a talented actress  would do better,if she would avoid such misadventures.As for the other supporting actors,many of the roles look unnecessary,though senior actors' presence in certain scenes act as a redeeming factor in the movie.

Overall : On reel atrocity

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