Ivide Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Ivide is a crime drama where few indians are murdered,and an Indian Origin officer Varun Blake is in investigation.The movie is directed by Shyamaprasad.

Cast : Prithviraj,Nivin Pauly,Bhavana

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Review :
The movie looks at the Indian immigrants in the United States of America.In  focus are three people,Varun Blake; an adopted Indian American,Krish Hebbar;an  IT executive and Roshni;a girl torn between the world of  these two guys.Varun is a cop,who is on the trail of a serial killer who targets the Indian ethnicity.In scripting,the characterization is based on Shyamaprasad’s eternal motto that no character is fully black or white,but just grey.So we have a Varun,whose awes and concerns include establishing his identity and who takes out his frustration in  his interactions with his mother and wife, but at the same time  is an understanding and responsible cop.Other characters also are of similar nature.However  the script fails in establishing well the lighter side of Krish Hebbar,and that doesn’t help the film in its totality especially in the climax.The films also throws light on the issue of outsourcing from both the sides of the coin.Further the movie is a bit slow as well.Prithviraj excels as the troubled American of the Indian origin with so many personal issues,but still focussed on his job.Bhavana gives one of her career best performances as a woman who is strong and suave despite the setbacks in her life.Nivi ndoes  a  fair job but  could have  worked a bit more on his accent since his character is shown as someone who is in America for more than a decade.Prakash Bare is also good as Mahesh Murthy the boss.The bgm is also very good and so is the camera.The climax is more predictable than abrupt or intellectual compared to normal Shyamaprasad movies.

Overall : Slick but slow crime drama

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