Laila O Laila Malayalam Movie Details & Review

The movie deals with the professional and personal lives of an under-cover agent Jai Mohan.

Cast : Mohanlal,Amala Paul

Trailer  :

Songs :

Review :
It is a normal thing in the film world to repeat the hit pair with the aim of encashing the commercial viability of their chemistry.Normally such a movie comes immediately after the first movie where such a pair is celebrated by the audience.Here too the idea is the same,but Mohanlal and Amala being  busy stars, its just that there was a time gap.Notwithstanding such time gap,the chemistry between the lead pair is as hot as in their first film together,'Run Baby Run,.On the direction side,Joshiy is a director who has in the past  proved himself as capable of overcoming the limitations  and loopholes in a script with his directorial skills,but that is not the case here.Most of the scenes lack logic, especially those of the undercover agency of the government which makes it look more like a private detective agency (security an example).Beyond the chemistry,many of the scenes of the lead pair look illogical.Cinematography is very good and songs are okay.If  you take away  the cinematography,chemistry between the lead pair and the technical side,the scenes in the movie may actually make you laugh.It would be better not to talk about the villains ,as they are as good as non-existent.

Overall : A racy bore

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