Neena Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Nee-Na is about Neena & Nalini,two women in the life of Vinay Paniker,an ad-agency executive.The movie is directed by Lal Jose.

Cast : Vijay Babu,Ann Augustine,Deepti sati

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Review :
Conceptually the movie is a gem,but still it feels quite incomplete.If you look at the casting, though the debutant deepti is a fair find,she doesn't quite fit in terms of her physique since most of the alcoholic binge eaters are obese.If you can excuse these factors,the actors fit in their respective roles,Vijay as quite the suave advertising executive,Ann as the mature and composed yet concerned housewife and of course deepti as the talent who messes up her own life.Character actors like Chemban Vinod also do an appreciable job.Nalini almost overtakes Neena in the firts half and Ann almost makes it her show with her sensible performance.Its really in the second half in the rehab scenes and the climax where Neena gets the movie back.Vijay is good as the suave corporate guy who finds himself jammed between the worlds of two women.The cinematography and music of the movie is good.The director gives a new definition to 'love' (not verbally) in his climax scene which can be understood as the message of the movie.

Overall : Subtle 'Love Tug of War'.

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