Premam Malayalam Movie Details & Review

The movie follows George's life for around 15 years from his school days till he has started his own business post his college studies.,primarily his relationships with three different women,Mary during his school days,Malar during college days and celine later. George also has a bunchcouple of loyal friends who is with him through his thick and thin.This is the second directorial venture of Alphonse Putharen after 'Neram'.

Cast : Nivin,Anupama,Sai Pallavi,Madonna.

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Review :

Direction : There are many movies which have dealt with the men’s love lives, infatuation and romance over the period of their growing up. What makes Premam different is its treatment of the story. Kudos to the director who made an excellent entertainment.Alphons Puthren caters not only to all the expectations that comes from his earlier hit Neram but also delivers more. He is able to hold your attention from the word go till the end of the movie. He also extracts brilliant performance from his cast be it the lead Nivin Pauly or the new comer heroines or the supporting cast.Like he had used the ‘Pista Suma Kira’ as the bgm in ‘Neram’ he uses ‘Kalippu’ here and more effectively this time,not that the neram track was anything bad :).

Story/Script : There is not much in terms of story. The movie follows about one and a half decade of George’s life and the concentration is on his romance and love .The writer has been able to keep the audience engaged through the scenes and dialogoues. And he has to be appreciated for that as the plot would remind you of the tamilmovie autograoph still keeps you interested and you would leave happy.The twist in the climax romance is good also.

Acting : Stellar performance from Nivin Pauly and equally good performance from those who did his friends’ role. The scenes of Vinay fort and the person who did the role of his co-teacher are a scream.All the female leads are debutants and have done a good job ,but it’s the goirl who did the role of Malar who is a revelation. 

Music : Rajesh Murugesan takes the melody route except for the Kuthu song and the ‘Avalu Vendra’ track. The melodies are very good and Rockankuthu is foottapping and scene contra is comical. 

Camera/Visual Effects : The cinematography by Anend C Chandran is very good and makes the songs more interesting.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Choreography has more relevance during the movie’s college scenes and is brilliant. It evokes nostalgia and might make you want to shake a step even if you don’t know dance.

Overall : Youth blast, nostalgic or otherwise.

Television Premiere : Asianet

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