Amar Akbar Anthony Malayalam Movie Review & Details

The movie is about the lives and decisions of Amar, a mall employee, Akbar, a lift operator in a hospital and Anthony,a fast food chain employee and their relationship with Pathu, daughter of Rasmeena, who lives at Amar’s house.The script and dialogues are by Bibin George and Vishnu Unnikrishnan. The movie is directed by Nadirshah.

Cast : Prithviraj,Jayasurya,Indrajith,Namitha Pramod.

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Direction : Nadir Shah impresses in his debut.He keeps happy his comedy fans,fans of the young Superstars and comes out with a critically and audience appreciated film.In the process ,he also introduces two new young scriptwriters.

Story/Script : The new scriptwriters impresses with their debut venture.The script is good enough to not get overlapped by either the comedy or the message in the movie.In a nutshell the movie says a very serious matter without getting boring.

Acting : Prithviraj,Indrajith and Jayasurya all match each other with comic timing and performance in this movie. Supporting actors and the antagonists do a good job too.Namitha Pramod's role doesn't have much scope and she fares well in what she has to do.

Music : Comedy songs except for one by the child artist.All songs serve the purpose.

Camera/Visual Effects : Good camera work,not much scope since the movie's primary tone is of a comedy.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Choreography is all apt for comedy drama.

Overall : A bold appreciable effort in a comedy foil.

Television Premiere : Surya Tv

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