Life of Josutty Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Josutty,a farmer based in Kattapana,has to take decisions which would be life changing for him.Life of Josutty is Jeethu Joseph's next directorial venture after blockbuster Dhrishyam.

Cast : Dileep,Rachana,Jyothi Krishna,Aqsa,Renjini Rupesh (debut)

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Compared to Jeethu’s previous movies,Life of Josutty is a let down.Not just compared to Dhrishyam,which has been Jeethu’s best work till date but also compared to My Boss,Detective or Memories.The movie disappoints not because of  being the story of a simpleton ,but since the movie sticks to the stereotypes in case of the characterization of the lead characters.The protagonist lands in mundu in Newzealand airport and his mother asks him not to put his hands outside the window when in a plane.Really ?,the people from the high range are not that alien to the external world,since I personally have known them as part of  my job.Then the moment he feels disappointed and dejected,the first resort is alcohol.Further the script is very lagging and slow.The character of  Priya is half baked.The movie has its moments,evokes laughter here and there and exposes malayalee's double standards in various scenes. On the acting side,Dileep is effective as the simpleton.Hareesh Peradi,the actress in the role of his mother and rachana does a fair job.Jyothi and Renjini Rupesh both are good in their respective roles,but not in all emotional scenes.Other characters do well too. Though the camera work starts good,too much aerial view makes you feel dizzy.There could be a justification for the angle,since the presence of angel and demon is shown throughout ,but from the audient side,the only good thing is they get to see the beauty of Kattapana and New Zealand and compare them as well.The climax looks like one taken just for the sake of a climax.

Television Premiere : Surya Tv

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