Top 10 Highest Grossing Malayalam Movies of 2015

1. Premam (65 Cr) 

Cast : Nivin,Anupama,Sai Pallavi,Madonna Direction : Alphonse Puthren

Premam the biggest blockbuster of 2015 got involved in so many controversies,first the video piracy issue,then content wise criticisms followed by controversies from onam celebrations allegedly inspired out of the movie.The movie was Nivin's career best hit and all the new heroines were celebrated as well.All the songs of the movie were also chartbusters,primarily the song Malare became a craze and shabareesh who earlier wrote "Pista Suma Kira" become the lyricist of all songs in the film apart from doing a role in the movie as well.

2.Two Countries (55 Cr)
Cast : Dileep,Mamta Direction : Shafi

Two countries saw Dileep-Mamta pair again after My Boss.It did justice to the expectations but didn't feel repetitive or boring even for a minute.The movie was a comedy blast and was celebrated by the audience.The movie ended 2015 well for Dileep and Mamta,who is under-going experimental treatment for cancer, had a refreshing break and she did a splendid job as the Indo-Canadian.

3. Ennu Ninte Moideen (50 Cr)

Cast : Prithviraj,Parvathy Direction : R S Vimal

ENM based on the real life love story of Kanchanamala and Moideen from different religions who couldn't marry in 60-70s was appreciated by the audience,primarily the youth from day one.It also lead known actors to take up and donate for the library and social activities done in memory of Moideen,by Kanchanamala,who never married despite moideen's demise.The team hadn't compromised on the technical aspects and that pushed the budget above 10 Crore.However the commercial success made the high cost justified.

4.Charlie (40 Cr)

Cast : Dulqar,Parvathy Direction : Martin Prakkat

Director Martin Prakkat repeated Dulqar with his Bangalore Days co-star Parvathy in the feel good film Charlie  and the audience loved it.It was also senior actress Kalpana's last film released before her demise.

5. Amar Akbar Anthony (30 Cr)

Cast : Prithviraj,Jayasurya,Indrajith Direction : Nadir Shah

The movie which saw the young Superstars come together for the industry-experienced yet first time director Nadir Shah was loved by the audience for its comedy as well as the message.The movie also gave two new young Script writers.The comic timing of the trio and the socially relevant and bold theme helped the movie's public acceptance.

6. Oru Vadakkan Selfie (21 Cr)  

Cast : Nivin Pauly,Manjima Direction : G.Prajith

OVS was the first malayalam block-buster of 2015 directed by first time director G.Prajith.The movie was the debut of Manjima,daughter of ace cinematographer Vipin Mohan.The wit and humour,which the movie presented was well accepted by the audience and new tags like 'Marana Mass' and 'Kola Mass' got popular.

7. Bhaskar the Rascal (18 Cr) 

Cast : Mammootty,Nayantara Director : Siddique

Ace director Siddique got Mammootty and Nayantara together along with two popular child artists and had a Vishu hit,which didn't have anything novel,but was loved by the audience including families.The song "I Love You Mummy " was in controversy for having similarity with Arabic song "I Love You Mamma " by Hala Al Turk but the director of the movie discarded the allegation by saying the scenes were inspired by the album but not the lyrics and music.
8. Loham (15 Cr)                    
Cast : Mohanlal,Andrea,Siddique Direction : Ranjith

Loham which saw Mohanlal-Ranjith combination was released to high expectations but couldn't quite live up to them,though it broke the record for highest gross collection on the opening day of a Malayalam movie.It collected 3.50 Crore on the day of release.Despite the mixed reviews,it almost doubled the investment as well,courtesy Mohanlal's Star value and Siddique's comedy role .

9. Anarkali (14 Cr)
Cast : Prithviraj,Priyal Gor Direction : Sachy

Anarkali was the directorial debut of Sachy from script-writer duo Sachi-Sethu.The movie which captured the picturesque beauty of Lakshwadweep and told a love story gave Prithviraj his  third successive commercial success of 2015.

10. Pathemari (13 Cr)

Cast : Mammootty,Jewel Mary Direction : Salim Ahamed

Pathemari which followed the life of Pallikal Narayan,an expatriate for more than five decades was accepted by the audience and critics alike.Salim Ahamed who was known for his film Adaminte Makan Abu hit bull's eye again with this movie.

2015 saw 140+ malayalam movies released :

Blockbusters (4) :- Premam,Oru Vadakkan Selfie,Amar Akbar Anthony
Super Hits (2) :- Kunjiramayanam,Ennu Ninte Moideen
Hits (7) :- Bhaskar the Rascal,Ennum Eppozhum,Chandrettan Evideya,Loham,Fireman,Anarkali,Kunjiramayanam

Blockbuster : Returns =/>5 times the budget
Super Hit : Returns 3 to <5 times the budget
Hit : Returns 2 to < 3 times the budget

The release date till 31st December 2015 is considered for the classification.Collections post December 2015 would also be considered,if released before cut-off date.The list is approximated and based on data available and would be updated as collections come as the movies mentioned could still be running.

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