Pathemary Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Genre : Period Drama
The movie looks at the life of a Middle-east Resident Keralite.Pallikal Narayanan and Moideen are Malayalees working in the middle east for a major period of their lives chasing their own and their families dreams and sacrificing good times for the good of their families.
Script : Salim Ahamed Direction : Salim Ahamed  
Cast : Mammootty,Jewel Mary.

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Review : 
There was once a world alien to the new generation of school college going kids, when their grandparents were young and striving for better days, this is the story of those people. I,myself have known about this world from my father,since he was one of  those guys who went to the middle east in 1970 in such a ‘pathemari’ initially.And when I myself  went to the middle east for the first time more than a decade before,there was no Whatsapp etc.,though there was mobile, many preferred public booths based on their income level, since mobile rates were higher. There used to be one or two guys before a booth in waiting sometimes, a bit more on fridays. Rome was not built in a day, neither was Kerala(regardless of how small or little),nor was the Middle east. The movie is a tribute to the generation who has toiled and in the process made the foundation for the next- gen. Like the saying in Malayalam, “Njan konda veyilanu nee anubhavikunna thanal” which means that ‘The Sun that I had borne is the Shade that you are enjoying”.Well the expectations when the middle east guy comes and the preparations before their vacation trips home haven’t changed drastically from what it was before, especially among low income  NRKs.

The challenge before the scriptwriter was to evoke nostalgia  among a generation, create interest in another generation and educate them of the middle east life’s struggles,when that place was  what they get to see online as the old middle east. Another  issue was that since this subject has been presented in Malayalam cinema many times before in various genres,so there was a chance of the movie being repetitive and predictable. The script ably manages these challenges  thereby  giving you a brilliant piece of work. Mammootty who amused us last year with Munnariyippu and Varsham continues to do so this year as well with the role Pallikal Narayan.Though Jewel's first release was Utopiyayile Rajavu,this was her first work.She has done a commendable job as the female lead.Other roles were with quite established actors and that has helped.

The director has roped in, the best available for the technical side,Madhu Ambat,the thrice National Award winner for cinematography, Resul Pookutty,the Academy Award winner for the sound design and it shows. Cinematography and sound design has more relevance in the first half than second, and also these have to change with the span of 50 years shown. If the director had compromised on these two aspects,that would have let the film down. The music is in the mood of the movie and there has been no unnecessary western mixing for the music,either for the songs or the bgm.The lyrics are by Rafeeque Ahamed and are good as has always been.The climax is heart-wrenching and thought  provoking.

Overall : A tribute to the loved-hated-envied-admired first generation Middle East Resident Keralites.

Television Premiere : Surya Tv

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