Su Su Sudhi Valmeeki Malayalam Movie Details and Review.

Genre : - Comedy Drama
Script : - Ranjith Shankar - Abhayakumar  
Direction : - Ranjith Shankar
Prime Cast : Jayasurya,Shivatha,Swathi Narayan (Debut).

SSSV is the story of an IT professional with the problem of stammering.How this issue has deterred his confidence and how he gets back his life is the theme of this film.
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Review :

Direction : Ranjith Sankar always prefer extra ordinary stories of ordinary people and tries to instill some commercial elements in such films without complying much with the feel.Sometimes has great success,(passenger) sometimes not that great (punyalan agarbathies).As always with Ranjith Sankar movies,this one also ends on a positive note.The risk of handling such a theme convincingly in a commercial format is managed ably by the director. 

Story/Script : The story is of a person known to the director, to that extent it is helpful for the script,still the scenes and characters and their interactions has to be convincing which infact is. Moreover despite knowing the formula,he has been able to hold the interest and keep the movie on track through the pivotal characters.

Acting : Jayasurya impresses more and more with each new film.He kind of lives as the character in the movie.Shivada makes an appreciable comeback after some gap and Shruti make an impressive debut.Aju by now has mastered the art of being hero's friend who provides some comedy time and as typical with Ranjith movies,his name starts with G.All other actors do a good job too.

Music : Songs are melodious and interesting.

Camera/Visual Effects : Cimematography is ok.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : As usual in Ranjith Sankar movies,there is no choreography.

Overall : A typical Ranjith Sankar movie of an ordinary man overcoming factors pulling hin down.

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