Anarkali Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Cast : Prithviraj,Miya,Priyal Gor,Biju Menon,Samskruthy
Script & Direction : Sachy

Anarkali follows the life of Shantanu , now a diving instructor  in Lakshadweep.Shantanu was a naval officer before his stint in Lakshadweep and he had an unsuccessful affair in his naval officer days,the disappointment of which has not left him completely even now.

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Direction : Sachy does a brilliant job in his directorial debut  and has been able to bring the locale flavor to the story spanning across a decade.

Story/Script : The movie is well scripted,though a lag is felt in the second half which can be excused.

Acting : Prithviraj emotes easily,the role looks a cakewalk for him, just that he doesn't look the age in a decade's space,though it can be justified by the physical activity required for the character's professions.Biju Menon proves he can be a perfect foil to anyone be it Mohanlal,Dileep,Kunchako or Prithviraj and often score more than them.Priyal makes an appreciable debut though is helped by the fact that most of her lines are in hindi,but nevertheless carries the character through ages impressively.Another actor deserving special mention is Suresh Krishna.All the other actors do a good job too.

Music : Melodious songs,also showcases lakshadweep culture well.

Camera/Visual Effects : Very good cinematography which understandsthe movie as well as lakshadweep.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Not much.

Overall : A picturesque love tale.

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