Ottaal Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Script : Joshy Mangalath Direction : Jayaraj
Ottaal is a about an eight year old boy whose guardian is his grandfather after his parents demise.The movie is based on Anton Chekov's short story Vanka.The movie won the National Film Awards for the best script and the best film on Environment Conservation and the Kerala State Film Award for the Best Film.The movie also won Suvarna Chakoram for Best Film(FIPRESCI) and the Best Malayalam film(NETPAC)and the audience poll in the 20th IFFK,2015.

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Direction : Jayaraj has come out with classics and duds in the past and this is a classic.From incorporating the russian story to the kuttanad premises as well as entrusting and extracting the character out of the amateur actors,Jayaraj is at his best.He has been able to utilise all the resources very effectively.

Story/Script : The story has been brilliantly scripted by  Joshy.It has been able to take the message to the audient without any gimmicks and clearly brings out the points to ponder beyond all the innocence and  natural beauty.

Acting : The person who does the role of Valiyappachayi and the boy who did the role of of Kuttappayi has took to their roles as fist to water.The supporting actors have done a good job too.

Music : Not like anything that you would get to see or hear in a commercial movie and rightly so.Music is good enough not to dilute the mood of the movie.

Camera/Visual Effects : Cinematography has been quite able to capture the picturesque beauty of kuttanad but beyond that doesn't contribute much to the movie .

Choreography/Stunts/Others : No choreography,stunts.

Overall : A classic which actually the parents should watch ignoring the absence of commercial compromises.

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