Salt Mango Tree malayalam Movie Details & Review

Genre : Comedy Drama

Salt Mango Tree is about Aravindan T P, a medical store owner and his family.New acquaintances and friends come along and things change. 
Script : Vinod & Vinod
Direction : Rajesh Nair
Cast : Biju Menon,Sarayu

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Review :

Direction : Director chose to look at the life of a middle class family with their own ambitions in a simple movie about how the education sector has changed and the new set of pressures on the children and their parents. 

Story/Script : The director has chose the film to be in the comedy genre, which aids the scripting for such a theme.At the same time there is a risk of comedy track taking over and corrupting the story and message intended.The script writer has been able to manage this.

Acting : Biju Menon scores with his comedy numbers this time not being a foil to any star and without a sidekick.All the roles are done by experienced competent character actors and they pay back the confidence with their performance.the child artist doing the role of biju's son is also good.

Music : Songs are hummable and good.

Camera/Visual Effects Camera does capture the picturesque aspects where possible. Also the angle of the shots at different occasions merges with the feel of the movie without being evidently direct.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Not much except some moves and shakes in a celebration song.

Overall : A feel good family comedy that would make you think and may be just think...

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