Adi Kapyare Koottamani Malayalam Movie Review & Details

Script : John Varghese-Abilash S Nair Direction : John Varghese
Cast : Aju Varghese,Dhyan,Namita Pramod

The movie is about few guys in a boys hostel and a girl who gets trapped in there accidentally.

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Review :
There was a scene in the movie ‘Seniors’ where a girl is found in a boy’s hostel where  the premise, the motive and the background of the girl and the guys involved  was presented as quite suspicious, leading to comedy and laughter. Now take the concept and the comedy from that scene, polish the background, the premise and the motive and try to stretch it into a full- fledged comedy, you have Adi Kapyare Koottamani. Most of the people who have enjoyed that scene would enjoy this film as well. The problem with such stretching is that it might tear apart or become too loose, which the director has taken care of. Further the script is fast like in most of the brainless comedies, which helps the film, but being an exploitation of  the accepted comic possibilities, the script sticks to many stereotypes we have seen in the  Malayalam films. So the female lead’s father is an  other-state bigwig as have been seen in many Malayalam comedy films. It is Aju and Neeraj who leads the show with their comic timing and performance. The guy who does the role of Koshy is also good.As for Dhyan,compared to Kunjiramayanam he has improved a lot,but still overacts in some scenes.Namitha is the commercially viable female lead (face) of the movie. She does fair what she gets. Mukesh has by now done umpteen number of such roles and it should have been easy for him.In case of bijukuttan, everyone knows by now what to expect from his role in a movie, and because of the same reason he can be appreciated for still managing it without making you yawn.Songs are quite in line with the feel of the movie.

Overall : Keep your brain at the study table, youth fun

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