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Martin Prakkat directs Dulqar again after ABCD and brings out a story of intrigue and love.The movie is kinda an experimental one.The director repeats Dulqar's ABCD co-star Aparna with this movie and the female lead is Parvathy who was Dulqar's pair in Banagalore Days.The script is co-written by Unni R and Martin Prakkat.

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Martin Prakkat's earlier association with Dulqar was in ABCD.Dulqar-Parvathy pair's chemistry was last seen in Bangalore Days.ABCD was a simple comedy and Bangalore Days had a serious backtone behind all the comedy.If you mix the feel of both these movies you get the feel of Charlie (only feel ;)).

Parvathy's character Tessa who happens to pass across the traces of Charlie's life gets curious and decides to explore the trails.The story of an intriguing character fascinating a young girl is nothing new in the commercial cinema world.But what makes the difference here is the treatment.Normally such a protagonist is a superhero who can bash umpteen number of goons single handedly with so much superficial nobility and thats what influences the girl the most.Here too the protagonist is a superhero,but of a different kind.Then comes the love factor.

The director has been able to keep the movie engaging in all aspects of the movie.The intact script helps too.Parvathy and Dulqar shines in their respective roles and their chemistry makes the movie all the more lovable.All the supporting roles are with the safe and experienced performers and it shows.The cinematography is excellent.Many of the songs have appreciable tribal-western fusion elements and you would definitely enjoy the music including the bgm.The character charlie actually reminded me of the character 'Charlie' in the movie 'Guruji Oru Vaakku'.

Overall : An intriguing love tale

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