Dilwale Hindi Movie Details & Review

Genre : Action Drama

It is Rohit Shetty 's next venture with Shahrukh Khan after their hugely successful Chennai express.It is typically expected to be in the same line as far as the feel goes and they call it a Romantic Action Comedy.
Script : Sajjid-Farhad Direction : Rohit Shetty
Cast : Shahrukh Khan,Kajol,Varun Dhawan,Kriti Sanon

Trailer :

Songs :

Review :
Rohit Shetty is a self proclaimed fan of  South Indian mass masala films and it is clearly evident in the treatment of this film too.Like in many such films,here too the protagonist is a former don turned normal working for a living guy.Then the idea is to utilize the Shahrukh - Kajol chemistry + flying cars + a pair of younger popular stars + comedy.All of these work to some extent,the Shahrukh-Kajol chemistry is as lively as ever.Both Shahrukh and Kajol are good in their respective roles.Varun Dhawan gets the smashing and flying scenes along with some romance and does it with elan.Kriti gets a big film,nothing more and definitely nothing less.Then there's the character actors who are supposedly to be the sidekicks and bring in laughter, and the comedy falls flat at places,still majority of festival audience might like it overall.Songs are all good,I liked Gerua the wall paper song, as for the logic,its the same as seeing Kathakali artists doing cinematic dance in Kanyakumari in a film called Chennai Express,anyways Rohit has to be appreciated for the color sense.Some scenes in songs reminds you of the very old romantic songs.The stunts are typical Rohit Shetty inspired out of such South Indian movies,over the top and the cinematographer knows exactly what the director wants,from which angle to shoot the smashing,jumping and flying be it of vehicles or humans.

Overall : Festival time entertainer

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