Jo and the Boy Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Rojin Thomas's second movie after Ryan and the Monkey Pen.He directs Manju Warrier and Master Sanoop (lead in Ryan and the Monkey Pen) in this movie.The movie is titled Jo and the Boy and is scripted by Rojin himself.

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A live-wire and overenthusiastic lady, Joan meets Chris, a kid with a high IQ and each inspire and influence each other on one or the other factor.Joan who dreams to be a renowned animator hits upon the idea of an animated character inspired out of Chris.

It’s an earnest effort from Manju,but her gestures and expressions look time-stuck a decade back in some scenes and furthermore you would have to excuse her over make-up at times too, except these she’s quite fine.Sanoop is as lively as in many of his movies. 

Once the basic premise is established, the scriptwriter felt the need for the twists, turns and the antagonists. Ideally,a comical side to these,would have had helped such simple movies,but it is in all these areas that the film falls flat. The script is not convincing in terms of challenges and hurdles that the protagonists faces,and moreover the pace which normally helps in such cases is not there in this movie. Certain dialogues might make you ponder and instigate you to see the movie again, if you do not see it as preachy.Both the camera work and the music is pleasing to the senses. 

Overall : An okay affair.

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