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The Harihar Nagar boys comes together again ,this time for a movie in John Honai's name,(ie the name of the antagonist in the first movie of the Harihar Nagar serires.The movie  which is the debut directorial effort of Thoufeeq is scripted by Fazal.It has elements of spoof in it,Apart from Honai,other characters are John,Jaffar and Janardhan which reminds of the yesteryear hit movie John Jaffer Janardhan and they end up with a lot of money,which actually is very similar to the story line of the first Harihar Nagar movie.

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The name 'John Honai' and the bringing together the lead actors of the movie series which made that name popular would bring along with it a lot of expectations.The movie has not been able to justify such expectations.It keeps the characteristic traits of few actors’ roles somewhat in resemblance with the original film,so Jagadeesh who was the dim-witted dentist in the movie ‘In Harihar Nagar’ is the stuttering bank manager here,Siddique is Honai, a criminal and Mukesh a cop.Ashokan and Rizabawa(the original John Honai) are there too and some scenes of all these actors unsuccessfully tries to take you to the mood of their characters in the hit movie. But none of these characters are interesting enough to hold your attention,moreover,you don’t even know why many of the characters,including the female lead are there in the movie.The pivotal characters being John,Jaffer,Janardhan,the names reminding an old hit,there was ample scope for some spoof, which has not been ably managed. Songs are passable,but picturisation keeps to many stereotypes.

Overall : A failed attempt to exploit a celebrated commercial movie’s name and it’s elements.

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