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Anyone remember the popular television sitcom 'Akkara Kazhchakal' directed by Aby Varghese. He directs Fahad in 'Monsoon Mangoes'.Daveed Philippose aka D. P. Pallikkal  is an Indian American who wants to make a movie and he finds a person in his mind for the role of protagonist.But the person itself is the problem. Ajay had actaually made his movie directorial debut with the film by the same name based on the same series,which was released in the United States of America only.The movie introduces bollywood actor Vijay Raz and tamil actress Ishwarya Menon to malayalam movies.The movie is scripted by Aby Varghese,Matt Grubb and Naveen Bhaskar.

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Monsoon Mangoes is about D P Pallickal (an American Malayali) who dreams to be a renowned director.He is mocked by the people (including his family) around and his father takes him to a psychiatrist, which backfires.DP ends up losing his job as his obsession affects his work.Yester-year popular bollywood actor, who now basks in the past glory and is a drunkard comes to live nearby.DP convinces him after some difficulty to wrok together.There are lighter moments in the movie like the commercial pressure to illogically insert an advertisement to balance the financial woes.But as the premise is the late nineties, it doesn’t match with the time period,since such advertisement culture got popular in the mid 2000’s.

On the acting side,Vijay Raaz is convincing in his role,Fahad is good in the expressions,but hardly looks an American Malayalee at any point of the time.Other actors do an okay job.The cinematography is very good and the color tone gives the film a retro feel.

Overall : Nothing great,a few laughs at the most

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