Rockstar Malayalam Movie Details & Review

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Rockstar is VKP's new Malayalam movie with Thaikudam Bridge fame Siddarth and Eva Pavithran in the lead.

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Review :

Direction : VKP does not have many films which has been greatly appreciated after he started to make commercially viable films. It looks like he has still not got a good idea on how to do it. 

Story/Script : Its a love story. A playboy falls in love.But would it be accepted by those who matter and also by those who doesn't matter ?. The  script has loopholes and looks amateurish at places.

Acting : Both the leads have done a fair job.Character artists are good too.Watch out for Anumol,Saiju Kurup and Mallika Sukumaran.

Music : Songs are not bad,but a bit repetitive and might not become popular enough for a musical.

Camera/Visual Effects : Not a movie that would greatly concentrate on Cinematography and it is ok.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Choreography..., mmm... not much.

Overall : A new age saga with some indian westernised songs.Might be attractive for new age though bit boring.Box office would depend on how the new-age would turn out,low cost may prove beneficial,but the comedy which helped most of the new age successes is missing.

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