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Tom,a car mechanic has to bear with a vintage car crazy Edgar and thats the problem.

Cast : Unni Mukundan,Tovino,Priya Kandwal (Debut)
Script : Anil Narayan-Dominic Arun Direction : Binu S Anand
Trailer :

Songs :

Review :
Tom,a car Mechanic falls head over heels for a girl called Diya.His relationship with Diya takes him to Edgar,a car crazy guy through an accident to Edgar’s favourite car.Now what ensues is an action packed dhamaka.This is a stylish movie which tries to utilize Unni Mukundan’s action image and the director has succeeded in it. There is nothing much in the story,it is more of style than substance.On the acting side both Unni and Tovino, make use of their opportunity and make the film watchable with their acting and style.This is not Unni’s first action based role and he takes it like a duck to water.Priya Kandwal ,the debutant female lead looks very beautiful and lovable.She does well within her limited scope.Cinematography is very good and I felt that the music and dance steps are good if we consider them separately, in the songs with choreography.The bgm was typical of Indian commercial action movies.The stunts were all good,apt for such a movie.
Overall : A time pass action movie.

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