Two Countries Malayalam Movie Review and Details

Genre : Comedy Drama
Director : Shafi Script : Rafi Cast : Dileep,Mamta Mohandas

Laya,a canadian citizen of Indian Origin and Ullas from India has to make it out together in Canada for their own personal interests.But their cultural differences turns the good possibilities upside down.

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Just think of a second part of the film ‘My Boss’.The couple would take off to Australia but since both of them come from different background and upbringing ,the differences might continue and the difficulties it presents would look comical from a third person perspective.

Now take  the concept and change the foreign country from Australia to Canada,add a back story,bringing in new supporting characters and instill enough of comedy and  you get the film ‘Two Countries’.

But is the film enjoyable ?. Yes,very much so.All these similarities has been managed without affecting and bringing down the enjoyability of the movie and the director should be appreciated for this.You get to see a new country,culture,the camera captures all these very well,but what really lifts the film is the Dileep-Mamta pair.The pair takes their chemistry to the next level from what it was in the film 'My Boss'.Aju Varghese,Mukesh and Suraj are Dileep’s partners in crime in the comedy department.

The shafi-rafi director-scriptwriter combo does a wonderful job.The script by  Rafi is taut and excellent.The songs just fit in and might not be in the top charts.

Overall : A Blast of a comedy movie.Expected a blockbuster.

Television Premiere : Asianet 

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