Action Hero Biju Malayalam Movie Review & Details

Biju Paulose is a sub-inspector in the Kerala Police Department.His daily challenges are mostly the petty cases which needs some sensibility to settle and deal with.The movie looks at the life of such a police officer and it is a comedy movie.Along with all of his official responsibilities he also has to find out time for Benita to whom he is engaged.After their grand success 1983,Abrid Shine once again directs Nivin Pauly in the movie Action Hero Biju.Jude Anthony,the director of Om Shanti Oshana does a cameo in the movie.The movie introduces Anu Emmanuel as the female lead.It is a commercial as well as a realistic movie.

Cast : Nivin Pauly,Anu Emmanuel

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Review :
The movie is a realistic take on the daily professional life of an ordinary police officer.The director should be appreciated for taking the realism route than bringing on a superficial super cop.He has been able to combine the commercial elements without breaking the mood of the movie.He also has to appreciated for extracting good performance even from the newcomers.

The first half consists of the routine work of an officer in the rank of Sub Inspector,where people come with all sorts of complaints and he gives possible solutions from his side.These incidents and the related comedy angle makes the first half interesting.In addition there is also a bit of romance since Biju is engaged to Benita.The action side of Biju Paulose,comes in the second half and there are hints of the same in the first half itself,but it is not clearly registered.Except for this, the script is engaging and realistic.

Nivin does a good job,though he has to develop a bit on the punch dialogues.The new heroine looks cute and charming as with most of the Nivin’s heroines and has got one full song for her,beyond that her role does not have much scope.Jojo is a scream in the role of the assisting police officer.Suraj and Devi Ajith also impresses in their roles.The actors are all good,irrespective of whether they are experienced or newcomers.

Jerry Amaldev’s music is quite slow and melodious,except for the “Hara Hara” song and it reminds of the 80's.To be honest, it used to be more exciting when he composed songs like “Vaachalam Enn Mounavum”.Rajesh Murugesan’s bgm is quite interesting.Stunts are good and choreography is okay.
Overall : A realistic movie  on a cop’s life  with some comedy.

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