Pavada Malayalam Movie Review & Details

Pambu Joy,a happy-go-lucky young man in a rural village gets to know Babu Joseph aka Paavada Babu, an English professor and it changes him for better as the relation take them to their pasts.Prithviraj and Biju Menon comes together along with Anoop Menon for Pavada,a film directed by G.Marthandan and produced by Maniyan Pillai Raju.The script is by Bipin Chandran.There is also a song 'Kurathakedinte Koodanu' in the movie sung by Actor Jayasurya. 

Cast : Prithviraj,Miya George

Trailer :

Songs :

Song Sung by Actor Jayasurya-Kuruthakedinte Koodanu

Review :

Pambu Joy and Paavada Babu,two drunkards meet at a rehabilitation centre,get friendly and elope f rom there. As they get to know each other more, Joy understands it was Babu who was instrumental in creating havoc in his past life.The story is interesting and the script is good but the legal and ethical angles makes it a bit dragging.The narrative moves forward in line with the commercially accepted notions.First half has more of comedy with the help of the alcoholic’s background. In the second half thinks turn serious.The scriptwriter has been able to interrelate both the halves very well.

Prithviraj  looks  all  set  for  another  box  office  success.He  doesn't  look all  that natural  in  the  comedy  scenes  but  is  able  to  pull  it  off   nevertheless  and  in  the serious and emotional scenes he is very good. Anoop  is  excellent  as  the  highly educated  but  addicted-to-alcohol professor  in  English.He  is  very  convincing whether  it’s  the  scene  where  he  quotes  Shakespeare  or  the  scene  where  he gulps  down  the  drinks  or  the  emotional  scenes.The  supporting  roles  are  with  the  established  and  the  experienced  actors  and  they  do  a  good  job. A  special mention  for  the  guy  who  does  the  role  of  Vilakoothi  Rajan  and  Chemban  Vinod who  did  the  role  of  Fr.Kaattil Paramban. Miya  doesn't  have  much  to  do  and  is good  in  what  she  has. The  cameo  appearance  in  last  didn't  add  much  value  to the  movie  either  in  commercial  or  in  critical  aspects. The  songs  are  quite  foot tapping  and  jubilant  in  mood.

Overall : A  commercial  flick  with  right  mix  of  comedy  and  sentiments.

NB : Could be the first Super-hit of 2016.

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