Puthiya Niyamam Malayalam Movie Details & Review

Advocate Louis Pothen is a leading figure in the family court cases.He himself had an inter-caste marriage and is a regular face in channel debates on politics and current affairs.He also does movie reviews on channels.His wife is a known dancer Vasuki,a Kathakali artist to be precise.In most of the cases he tries to take the compromise or the settlement route.With problems out of his inter-caste marriage and his stands in the television debates or discussions,he has made enough of enemies,many who may play behind the stage.Then something untowards happens to his family and now he has to reciprocate.The movie is written and directed by A K Sajan.Read the review below.

Cast : Mammootty,Nayanthara

Trailer :

Review :

Direction : This is the best work of AK Sajan till date. He has exploited the resources at hand very well and the resource that which was exploited most well is the acting department and the script which is written by himself comes next.He has been able to execute the psycho crime thriller with clarity.

Story/Script : The script is very engaging though the comedy in the first half is not that great throughout. The movie deals with an issue relating to women harrassment and puts forward a thought for a legal possibility or such impossibility to deal with the same. The writer has been able to make the audience relate to the present day with his subject and the story.The interval twist and the climax takes the movie to a different level.

Acting : The movie belongs to Nayantara,this is her career best performance in Malayalam till date though she has done equally good in other languages.She has dubbed in her own voice which presents some unfamiliarity to start with but has managed it with her acting.Mammootty is the suave guy with the cool dialogues in the first half and it is in the climax where he scores very well. The actress who did the role of Anoop Menon’s wife in the movie Kanal does good here in the role of an IPS officer.Other actors do a fine job too.

Music : Gopi Sundar’s background music aptly delivers the mood of the movie though with some compromise to accommodate the stardom of Mammootty. 

Camera/Visual Effects : The cinematography is mostly good and very good in some scenes.

Overall : A psycho crime drama based on a subject which audience won’t feel alien to.

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