Vettah Malayalam Movie Review & Details

An actress Uma goes missing and Sribala IPS Along with her subordinate, ACP Sailex Abraham IPS is in charge of the investigation concerned.Melvin is the prime suspect in the case. The movie is about how the investigation affects the lives of Sribala,Sailex and Melvin.The movie is scripted by Arunlal Ramachandran and directed by Rajesh Pillair.This is the last movie of Rajesh Pillai before his demise.
Cast : Kunchako,Manju Warrier,Indrajith

Trailer :

Review :

Direction : To put it in the simplest words,Rajesh Pillai didn't get a script as good as traffic still he managed.He has been able to say goodbye to us with a decent effort.

Story/Script : The script is a bit confusing in the first half and has enough of loopholes.Moreover it is also lagging in the second half.What makes up for these drawbacks are the justification for the crime and the Climax.

Acting : The lead actors have done a good job.This is one of the career best efforts of Kunchacko Boban.Manju Warrier and Indrajith does a decent effort.The rest of the cast is good too.

Music : Bgm is good here and there,but keeps to cliched method of repetition in many scenes.

Camera/Visual Effects : Cinematography by Anishlal is good.

Overall : A lagging and bit confusing psycho thriller with a good climax.RIP Rajesh Pillai.We'd miss you !

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