Best in Malayalam Movies 2015.

Best Movie- Pathemary
The movie looked at the Non resident keralites contributions to the society and economy through the life of Pallikal Narayan and his personal struggles and woes.Rome was not built in a day, neither was Kerala(regardless of how small or little),nor was the Middle east. The movie is a tribute to the generation who had toiled and in the process made the foundation for the next- gen. The movie evoked nostalgia among a generation, created interest in another generation and educated them of the middle east life’s struggles,four decades before.
Best Director -R S Vimal(Ennu Ninte Moideen)
Ennu Ninte Moideen was based on a real life love story of Kanchana and Moideen of whom Kanchana is still living unmarried as Moideen had died and carrying on with social work in his name.The director didnt compromise either in casting or in the technical aspects and it showed on screen.He ably managed the love story inters

Best Actor -Mustafa (Ain)
Mustafa was realistic and actually lived  the role of  Maanu,a butcher's assistant who witnesses something untoward and then flees for his life.
Best Actress - Parvathy (Ennu Ninte Moideen,Charlie)
Parvathy convincingly conveyed the emotions of Kanchana living in the memory moideen doing social activities as well as that of carefree rebellious and lovely tessa.
Best Supporting Actor - Suresh Krishna (Anarkali)
Suresh very easily managed the slang ,body language and the emotions of the Lakshwadweep Sports Secretary Atta Koya.
Best Supporting Actress - Ann Augustine (Nee-Na)
Ann Augustine did an excellent job in the role of a wife who fears losing her husband to a rebellious admirer co-worker lady but keeps her confidence in their strong bonding .She would have had made the heroine a second fiddle if not for the script.
Best Script -Charlie
Charlie followed charlie through tessa and said many things in the process,so socially relevant,so politically correct,and so spiritually satisfying.And to pull all these together in a commercial format without breaking the fun string.Kudos to that!.
Best Debut (Male) - Padmaraj Ratheesh(Fireman)
Yesteryear actor Ratheesh's son made an impressive debut as a villain in Fireman.
Best Debut (Female) -Parvathy Ratheesh
Yesteryear actor Rateesh's daughter started her career very convincingly in the role of a Srilankan refuge Tamara in a gulf country.
Best Music -Charlie
Charlie's music was by Gopi Sundar.Talented  gopi made an ear soothing melodious fusion of western and tribal music.

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