Best in Tamil movies - 2016

Best Movie -Joker
The satirical movie effectively conveyed the social issues of the benefit schemes not reaching the end meant to and that of bureacratic apathy affecting the common man's life.It also broght to focus the lack & need of sanitary facilities in the rural stretch.

Best Director -R S Durai Senthil Kumar (Kodi)
Kodi,an ably directed political thriller was presented primarily through three characters with contrasting & diverse ideals .The director was able to bring out an engaging and exciting movie.

Best Actor -Dinesh(Visaranai)
Dinesh came out with a greatly appreciable act as a hapless & victimised immigrant trapped in a web of legal deceit and subjected to brutal torture for agreeing to a crime which he is not party to.

Best Actress -Varalaxmi (Tharai Thapattai)
As a fiercely independent folk artist with her share of struggles,emotions and difficulties,varalaxmi did an excellent job.

Best Supporting Actor - Samuthirakani (Visaranai)
As a cop who is very much part of the corrupt and crooked system but has to finally succumb to the very system,samuthirakani came out with a convincing performance.

Best Supporting Actress - Lakshmi Ramakrishnan(Ammani)
As a senior citizen struggling to make ends meet and also has to deal with self centred money minded wards Lakshmi did a very good job .She also foresees her possibly scary future in lady who's around and her attitude towards it.

Best Script -Vikram Kumar (24)
The best thing about 24's script was that it made the concept of time travel easy to the viewer.At the same time the script was engaging and crisp as well.

Best Debut (Male) - Shirish Saravanan (Metro)
Shirish made a commendable debut in this revenge thriller where he has to take on the chain snatchers.

Best Debut (Female) -Nivetha Pethuraj (Oru Naal Koothu)
Nivetha had a decent debut as an it professional who's bit stern bit stubborn and bit indecisive at times.

Best Music -D.Imman (Rajni Murukan)
R M was a complete commercial music package with  beautiful kuthu,romantic and comedy songs.

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