Best in Malayalam Movies - 2016

Best Movie- Ozhivu Divasathe Kali
Odk looks at the hypocracies prevalent in the society of kerala through its social fabric.The movie starts as a buddy movie and grows on to you and aptly delivers the message it intends to.
Best Director- Rajeev Ravi (Kammattipaadam)
Rajeev defies the rules and set patterns to tell a raw,gritty story without comprimising on the detailing and the aesthetics.The gangster movie looks at the whats before of cosmopolitan cities and how it has crushed those from the lower economic and social strata.

Best Actor-Mohanlal(Oppam)
As a visually challenged person who is at the same time,the witness of a crime,has the responsibility to save the murderer's next target and hence chases him Mohanlal gives out an outstanding performance.
Best Actress-Nayantara(Puthiya Niyamam)
As a victimised lady turning stern to settle scores with the perpetrators Nayanthara has come out with a stunning performance in the movie.
Best Supporting Actor-Vinayakan(Kammatipadam)
Vinayakan excellently portrayed the role of  Ganga,who is very raw and whose emotions range from elan to arrogance to distress.
Best Supporting Actress- Rohini (Guppy)
As a handicapped single parent,Rohini did full justice to the role entrusted to her.
Best Debut(Actor)- Manikandan Achari(Kammatipadam)
Manikandan with theatre background didnt find it much difficult in his debut as a local goon Balan.
Best Debut (Actress)-Rejisha
Rejisha made her debut as the clingy girlfriend Elizabeth as Eli and gave an impressive performance.
Best Script- Syam Pushkaran(Maheshinte Prathikaram)
The revenge saga set in the rural milieu was engagingly scripted.
Best Music-Maheshinte Prathikaram
Maheshinte prathikaram had beautiful melodies including one song on Idukki.

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