Best in Malayalam Movies -2011 (MovDet List)

Best Movie - Adaminte Makan Abu 

The movie follows the life of a 70+ couple Abu and Aishumma discarded by their son.Their only remaining wish is to go for Hajj.When he is about to realize his dream,he retracts as he feels he didn't earn money following all the rules.The movie ends where Abu plants a new jackfruit sapling in place of tree cut for money. The movie endorses caring co-existence between humans regardless of their religion.It also looks at globalisation and environmental conservation and also ecological balance .The script and direction was by Salim Ahamed.The movie won the National Awards & Kerala State Awards for Best Actor ,Best Backgound Score and Best Film along with National Award for Best Cinematography and Kerala State Award for Best Screenplay.

Best Director - Lijo Jose Pelissery ( City of God)

The crime drama in hyper-link format was directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery.The movie looks at a rising metro through the angle of real estate mafia.The lives of the protagonists and primarily the female protagonists with so much struggles and issues,but looking for positivity and hope in possible spaces equates to the struggles and positive outlook of a rising metro.These very struggles,issues,attitudes and hope of these individual characters takes the narrative forward.All the actors have done their parts well and the narrative which moved forth and back with repeated scenes,innovative and appreciated cinematography and music was remarkably directed.

Best Actor -Salim Kumar (Adaminte Makan Abu)

Salim Kumar did a convincing job as the Septuagenarian whose only remaining wish is to go for Hajj but cannot compromise on his beliefs for the same and who realizes finally there is much more to life than what he thought and believed till date. Salim Kumar literally lived as Abu in the movie,whether be it the physicality of the character or the emotional aspect of it.

Best Actress - Kavya Madhavan (Ghadamma,Bhakthajanangalude Shradakku)

Kavya did the role of house maid in a middle east country in the movie Khadamma and that of a self-declared demi-god in Bhakthaganangalude Shradakku.She did an excellent job in portraying the woes of the tortured house maid and as the self-declared demi-god who rises to popularity and divinity in no time.The characters with contradictory exasperations of their own and desperations to get out of the tangle, who but remain in status quo for some time owing to different reasons was carried out convincingly and efficiently by Kavya Madhavan.

Best Supporting Actor - Jagathi Sreekumar (Urumi)

The role of Chenichery Kurup,a minister in Chirakkal Kingdom who was a traitor and conspirator with feminine traits was handled with ease by the versatile Jagathy Sreekumar.

Best Supporting Actress - Parvathy Menon (City of God)

Parvathy Menon was a revelation as a migrant tamil girl who has issues in her personal life and finds consolation in affection towards another fellow migrant worker.

Best Script - Bobby-Sanjay (Traffic)

Traffic was the first hyper-link multi-linear malayalam movie.Bobby-Sanjay duo who were renowned as scriptwriters did not disappoint this time too.The racy,taut script helped to hold viewer's attention and convey the message as well.

Best Debut (Male) - Unni Mukundan (Bombay March 12) 

Unni Mukundan did a terrific job as the second lead of this movie and was able to hold on his own against Mighty Mammootty as well.

Best Debut (Female) - Sreelekha (Sshivada) (Living Together)
Sreelekha (Sshivada) looked spontaneous and confident in her debut.

Best Music -Deepak Dev(Urumi) 

Deepak Dev had to compose different sorts of songs for the movie which matched both the 16th and 21st centuries and did a good job.


Blogger's personal opinion based on what he felt was the best in 2011.No claims of virtues to assess a movie or its aspects,but an exercise as an ordinary viewer and could be influenced by individual biases and prejudices .Thank you.

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