Best in Tamil Movies -2015 (MovDet List)

Best Movie -Kutram Kadithal 

The movie which won the award for the best feature film in tamil in the 62nd National Film Awards, told the story of a school teacher who slapped a student,consequentially leading him to unconsciousness.The movie was inspired out of Thiruvalluvar's Thirukkural Chapter 44 on preventing the occurrence of negative consequences out of character weakness.The story looks at different people with different perspectives and how each influences the other's lives knowingly or unknowingly for his/her own bad.Though the direct focus is on the school system and its shortcomings,on a broader level,it looks at the adults and their shortcomings,pompousness and esoterity leading to unaccomodative and immature stances.The movie was written and directed by Bramma G and the lead roles were all impressively handled by theatre and stage artists.

Best Director - M.Manikandan (Kaakka Muttai)

The movie was about two boys from slum who initially gives into all the notions preset by the commercial and worldly standards only to realize there is actually more substance to things at hand,all without losing their innocence.The movie was accepted both by the critics as well as the public.It is a bit difficult to get both critical and commercial appreciation with such a subject and the director M.Manikandan was able to achieve both with ease.Whereas normally slums are shown in movies to be either realistic or evoke sympathy or sometimes disgust,Manikandan shows slums from the slum dwellers' point of view,so it evokes interest and makes you understand even that can be charming depending on your perspective.There is struggle and survival still there is hope.Their economic and social status or the lack of it makes their set of hopes and focus different from the privileged class.The kids are called PM and CM,the common acronyms for Prime Minister and Chief Minister,but in this case as for Periya Muttai and Chinna Muttai,as the kids are known for stealing crow's eggs since they cannot afford the eggs otherwise.Society is least bothered about why they cannot afford primary education and for them the names PM and CM have some element of sarcasm in it.The director has to be appreciated for telling all these without being preachy and the comedy does not fall flat at any place.Its a movie which is targeted at the adults as much as at the children.It questions the adult sensibilities and places an alternative into the children's sensibilities.The movie was honoured with the National Award for Best Children’s Film.
Best Actor -Vikram(I)

  1. Vikram is known to commit long times of period for his roles and as usual his dedication shows in his role in the movie I. His character in the movie is as a body-builder who turns into modelling and then becomes a disfigured person owing to conspiracies of the antagonists and who is on a revenge trail.The movie basically becomes a Vikram show,thanks to his stupendous performance as a hunchback in the movie.He effectively shows how to emote with eyes,body language & voice.

Best Actress -Radhika Prassida(Kuttram Kadithal)

Radhika had to do the role of  a teacher who accidentally sends a student into medical coma,while punishing him.Radhika literally lived out the role of the conscious struck teacher who is newly married and is both the cause and the insensitive blame for the mishap.The theatre artist proved whether its stage or reel,she is here to stay.

Best Supporting Actor -Vijay Sethupathi(Puramboku Engira Podhuvudamai)

As the reluctant hangman who is a drunkard with careless attitude and his own fears,but witty nevertheless,Vijay Sethupathi was a scream in S P Jananathan's movie Puramboku Engira Podhuvudamai.

Best Supporting Actress - Ramya Krishnan (Bahubali-The Beginning)

Ramya Krishna easily carries off the intense and commanding character of Sivagami in the movie Bahubali.Even with all the muscles,blitzkrieg and glamour,it was Sivakami who was the life of the first part or beginning of Bahubali.

Best Script -Pawan Kumar(Enakkul Oruvan)

Enakkul Oruvan is a psychological thriller in a commercial format which deals with the life of a person who chooses to live in between his dreams or fantasies,(which comes as the side effects of a drug) and the reality.The risk is that at some point of time the dream world may take over the real world for the person thereby affecting his responses and responsibilities in the real world.What normally leads individuals to become such fantasy prone persons is the isolation,loneliness and prejudices they are subject to,which normally comes from insensitivity of people aroud.It is quite difficult to take such a subject to the mass that too in a non-linear format.It is here where the scriptwriter has to be appreciated.It sticks to the normally accepted rules of a psychological thriller,so the protagonist is in a medical condition nearing death,there is a stock character (a detective),but these things doesn't take away the focus.The conclusion in the climax is medically sensible and commercially viable.

Best Debut (Male) -G V Prakash Kumar (Darling)

G V Prakash, who is a noted music director and who has appeared in few of his own songs had his full fledged acting debut in the horror comedy Darling.As the guy who is in love with the female lead but at the same time is fearful of her,since she is possessed by a ghost,he put up an engaging show.

Best Debut (Female) -Amyra Dastur (Anegan)

Amyra made her tamil debut with a triple role in the movie Anegan,a re-incarnation drama.She was both lively and lovely in the movie.She matches Dhanush,a National Award winner and does an appreciable job.

Best Music -Harris J (Anegan)

Anegan was a re-incarnation drama spanning across different coutries.Be it "Danga Maari" or "Roja Kadale" or "You Live Only Once" or the other songs,Harris was equal to the task.

Blogger's opinion based on what he felt was the best in 2015.No claims of virtues to assess a movie or its aspects,but an exercise as an ordinary viewer and could be influenced by individual biases and prejudices .Thank you.

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